FAIRFIELD - Police are investigating an alleged home burglary and an armed robbery that took place a few hours apart and just a few blocks away from each other Thursday.

The burglary occurred on Brookfield Avenue around 11 a.m. A neighbor said he saw a man leave the home with a gym-sized bag in his hand. As he was walking down the street toward his vehicle, the neighbor said the man mumbled something about the woman who lived there owing him money. When the neighbor threatened to call the police, the man quickly drove off.

Police say the armed robbery happened in a three-family home at 462 Villa Ave.

According to Fairfield Police Lt. Michael Walsh, in that incident, three robbers held a man at gunpoint and pulled a set of car or house keys out of his pocket. The robbers then fled from the scene after punching the victim on the head.

Police say they do not believe the two incidents are connected. However, they say it is somewhat unusual to have two similar crimes take place so close together in both time and location.