BRIDGEPORT - An arraignment was postponed Friday for the man accused of killing a Milford construction worker so that he could receive a psychiatric evaluation.

Police say Jose Araujo was working in a ravine when he was shot and killed Thursday by 33-year-old Gregory Weathers, of Bridgeport, who had come to the site earlier looking for work. They say it's not clear why he then returned to the Chopsy Hill Road and Pond Street worksite and murdered Araujo.

"We love him and he'll never be forgotten and his memory will always be with us," said Araujo's girlfriend Analia Gray.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said he was saddened by the city's second murder in two days.

"We've got to keep moving forward and fighting crime and getting more illegal weapons off the street," said Finch.

A growing memorial includes Araujo's work vest and hat, which his girlfriend says are appropriate symbols considering how devoted he was to his job. As police investigate, Gray says she and her daughter are just trying to heal.

Police say they requested a psychiatric evaluation for Weathers due to statements he made to investigators, though they declined to elaborate. He is being held under a $1 million bond.

A new arraignment date has not yet been set.