STAMFORD - Police say the suspect responsible for killing a man in Stamford last January is now behind bars. Marco Paoletta, 52, was found shot to death Jan. 3, 2008 on Vine Road in Stamford. His car was found torched in Norwalk.Paoletta was last seen in surveillance video from the Jewish Community Center in Stamford. Police say the man seen in the video with Paoletta is 21-year-old Giovanni Rodriguez, the man they arrested in Bridgeport for the murder.

Police say Rodriguez was living at a halfway house in Bridgeport when they arrested him Friday morning. They say he shot and killed Paoletta nearby the Jewish Community Center and then took his car to Norwalk, where he torched it with the help of his brother.

Police say the DNA Rodriguez left behind helped them catch up to him. Rodriguez and his brother, Johnny Rivera, will be arraigned on Monday. Rodriguez is charged with murder, while Rivera faces arson charges.