TORRINGTON - The arrest warrant has been unsealed for a Torrington teen who police say threatened Danbury and Stratford high schools. 

The warrant says 18-year-old Natalie Carpenter was living at a group home for people with mental illnesses when she watched a documentary about the Columbine school shootings and became obsessed with planning a similar attack. Police say Carpenter and another housemate, 19-year-old Peter Thulin, then re-enacted possible shooting scenarios.

Carpenter allegedly planned to sneak into Stratford High School, where her mother says she was a bullied student, and Danbury High School to hold students and teachers hostage. Police say she then planned to shoot people before taking her own life.

They say she went as far as trying to purchase guns at Tactical Arms and Wal-Mart. Carpenter even filled out an application to buy a gun at Wal-Mart and was waiting to be approved.

Stratford school officials say Carpenter was already in custody by the time they found out about the threats. Police say Thulin is currently in a medical facility, but will be arrested when he gets out.

Carpenter is behind bars and will be in court at the end of the month.