WESTPORT - Westport police say they have arrested two men who scammed several businesses by saying they were raising money for the town's high school.

Police say Matthew Deedon, 45, and Troy Stephens, 39, collected thousands of dollars by saying the money was going to Staples High Athletics.

Two of the businesses targeted were Westport Yarns and Dress Code, both on Post Road.

Police say the owner of Dress Code had been alerted about the alleged scam by someone at Westport Yarns.

She says when one of the men came in her store she could tell he was suspicious. She told him that she would donate and to come back in 10 minutes, but then called police who were waiting when he returned.

Investigators say they checked with Staples High Athletics, which confirmed the men were not involved in any fundraising for its program.

Deedon appeared in court today to face charges that included attempted larceny.