FAIRFIELD - While most sectors of the American economy have been reporting losses over the past year, many liquor store owners are laughing all the way to the bank. State officials say as gas tax revenues decline, alcohol revenues are rising, which may potentially mean that more people are finding refuge from financial troubles in drink.Tax revenues show alcohol sales rose by $1.9 million compared to last year, while gas tax revenues fell $10.9 million.Jason Hackneye, the owner of Super Discount Liquors in Fairfield, confirms that business is better then ever. "It's been a slow and consistent increase, we are about 10 percent up,? he says. According to Hackneye, his customers are buying more alcohol because they are not going out to bars and restaurants as much as they used to. Dr. Sanjeev Rao, of the Fairfield Urgent Care Center, says the trend is not surprising, considering how concerned Americans have become over the state of economy. "It is legally the cheapest, easily available, instant stress buster," he says. But he also says it's only a temporary fix. He adds that meditation, prayer, yoga or just quality time with the family are healthier ways to weather the bad economy.