NORWALK - Wednesday's intense heat didn't stop some athletes from taking the field in Norwalk.

About a dozen students were practicing at Norwalk High School's Testa Field for fall football.

Some of the students were from Norwalk High School and others were from Athletic Gaines, an athletic group in Stamford.

A coach from the group says students took water breaks after each drill.

"You look for breathing. You can look at their pupils, perspiration, how much they're sweating. Just their body language," says Rodney Joyner. "You can tell. They start dragging."

Dr. Mitchell Lester, of Norwalk Hospital, says people experiencing congestion or shortness of breath should call their doctor. He says the air quality alert can impact other people who aren't young, elderly or who don't have breathing problems.

Forecasts predict the high temperatures could remain through Friday.