BRIDGEPORT - After two years without an arrest, some Connecticut residents have doubts regarding the arrest of two men in the murder of Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel.

Bridgeport resident Carlos Trujillo was arrested Saturday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with Kissel's 2006 death. Trujillo's 21-year-old cousin Leonard, a Massachusetts resident, has been charged with the murder in addition to a conspiracy charge.

At least one neighbor of Trujillo's says he's shocked by the arrest.

"You gotta be kidding me," says the suspect's neighbor Donald Saunders, who lived next to him for five years. "He didn't come across to me like a shady person. I don't believe he did it, to tell you the truth."

Trujillo's attorney believes police may have overstepped their bounds in getting a witness to turn.

"It's possible that Greenwich police found somebody in a compromising position and successful pressured them to agree to testify against Carlos Trujillo falsely," says Lindy Urso.

Police make arrests for 2006 slaying