BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport judge today ordered the alleged accomplice in a brazen daytime murder held on $1.5 million bond.Police have identified 37-year-old Vincent Wilson, of Bridgeport, as the accomplice to the man who shot Robert Moales, also 37. Wilson was arrested last night, but the trigger man is still at large.Moales' mother says her son had just stepped out of her car yesterday when he was gunned down. She says she "had to roll down on the ground" because the gunman acted like he was going to shoot her, too. The shooting happened on Kossuth Street and was captured on surveillance video. The clip was briefly posted to YouTube but has since been taken down.People who live in the area say the video is a fresh indication that things aren't getting any better on the streets of Bridgeport.The judge set Wilson's bond at $1.5 million, half a million more than the state had asked for.