FAIRFIELD - A New York woman faced a judge Monday for allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase along I-95.

Police say 23-year-old Nicoletta Maniolas was pulled over Saturday night at a traffic stop on Mill Plain Road. According to police, she tried to flee the scene when they found heroin in her car.

Officials say she went onto Kings Highway, crossed over into oncoming traffic and then pulled into a parking lot. According to officials, when three officers got out of their cars to approach her, she drove toward them while trying to get back on the highway.

Police say they opened fire, and Maniolas then hit a police car before she was eventually Tasered.

Maniolas looked down during most of her arraignment in Bridgeport, as her lawyer described her heroin addiction.

?Obviously I think she needs to get help for her serious problem,? says Maniolas? lawyer. He adds she wasn't trying to hurt the officers. ?This was her trying to flee the situation in a panic.?

No officers were seriously injured. Maniolas' bond was set at $100,000. She's due back in court January 21. Woman arrested after fleeing traffic stop