STAMFORD - Some southwestern Connecticut residents say a Stamford man has helped them avoid foreclosure and modify the mortgages on their homes.

Chris Meek says he organized a meeting of local banks several months ago to ask for their help in preventing local residents from losing their homes. The session helped more than 40 families modify their mortgages and remain in their homes.

"They have realized we need to deal with this and they are starting to work with the borrowers," Meek says.

Meek organized a second session Saturday with larger banks, like Chase and Bank of America, to reach a similar goal. Neighbors, like Maria Lopez, of Stamford, say Meek's efforts are paying off and giving them hope. Lopez's lender agreed to accept a smaller payment to allow her to keep her apartment.

"That's another $400 or $500 I save there?that's better than nothing," Lopez says.