BRIDGEPORT - The Bridgeport community is showing its support for a family that lost a young child in a car crash.

Nyah Marcano, 6, was killed in a three-car crash on Route 8 in Shelton earlier this month, leaving her family devastated.

"Nyah was a beautiful child," says her great-aunt Marilyn Rodriguez. "Nyah had the biggest smile that you could ever see."

When Elliot Lopez, of the All Star Barbershop, heard about Nyah's death, he decided to do something for the family.

"We're trying to raise money for the family for the funeral expenses, trying to do something good," says Lopez. "I got kids myself."

The barbershop, which posted Nyah's picture in its window, says it has raised more than $400 in one day.

Another fundraising campaign has raised more than $5,000 online for the family. Nyah's relatives say they are humbled by the support. "Nyah lives in our hearts," says Rodriguez.