BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport homeowner is asking the city for help after sewage flooded her bathroom during Monday night's rain.

Sue Czark says the toilet and sink in her bathroom overflowed with sewage. She was left with nearly an inch of it on the floor. Czark says this is not the first time it has happened during heavy rainfall.

The other homeowner of the Sidney Street house, Jessica Allen, says this first happened two years ago when sewage came up through their washing machine.

State Rep. Jack Hennessy (D-District 127) says the Ox Brook Creek next to the house and old sewage pipes are causing the flooding. Hennessy and the two homeowners are asking the city for help.

"All the wetlands have been filled in and developed," says Hennessy. "The water has no place to go."

The city of Bridgeport has not responded to News 12 Connecticut's request for comment.