STRATFORD - The possible sale of Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been hit again by controversy.

Voters will decide if the town should sell the land on Election Day. The town of Stratford has come under fire for a video posted on the town's Web site Friday concerning the upcoming referendum.

The video is narrated by Mayor Jim Miron (D), and critics say it uses taxpayers' money to promote only one side of the referendum.

Miron supports the sale. He says the video's intention was not to sway voters, but to give residents a tool to learn about the issue.

"It was just our intention to present a very factual, five-minute overview where people can visually see Long Beach West and get some material terms of the contract," says Miron.

The video was pulled from the site Monday. According to Miron, town attorneys are reviewing the video's content.

Stratford leaves fate of Long Beach up to voters