STRATFORD - A bear that was spotted roaming around a Stratford neighborhood was tranquilized and relocated by officials.

Residents say a bear cub was seen jumping over a fence and into a tree in a backyard on Clover Street around 5:30 p.m. Friday.

The spectacle quickly got the attention of kids on a nearby baseball field, who were eventually evacuated while state environmental officials tranquilized the animal and carried it to a pickup truck.

"I really didn't believe that there was a bear until I saw it," said 8-year-old Justin Duhancik.

Officials say when things go as smoothly as they did Friday, relocating animals to the wild is one responsibility they're very happy to bear.

They also say bear attacks on humans are extremely rare, with the national average in the United States being only about two per year.

Experts say a bear's first reaction upon confronting a human is usually to run away.