BRIDGEPORT - ? There were mixed reports Monday on Groundhog Day, but Bridgeport?s own Beardsley Bart did see his shadow.

Beardsley Bart, the zoo's official prognosticating prairie dog, saw his shadow, but some say he may have a different forecast then Punxsutawney Phil, of Pennsylvania, who also saw his shadow.

?Well, Beardsley Bart, I think is trying to tell us that we are actually going to have an early spring this year,? says director of the Beardsley Zoo, Gregg Dancho.

Dancho says even though Bart saw his shadow they are going opposite this year.

?I think Bart is looking at the sun as a friend today, to come out and enjoy it,? says Dancho.

Woodstock Willie near Chicago saw his shadow as well, so did Chuckles in Manchester. Yet, General Beaureguard Lee in Georgia didn't see his, nor did Staten Island Chuck, both saying it will be an early spring.

Spring officially begins MMarch 20.