STRATFORD - After more than 10 years of searching, the Allied Signal facility in Stratford could have a new owner within weeks.The Army owns the 78-acre, 57-building property. It opened up bidding for the site about a month ago and expects to have a "soft" closing March 4. The closing date is "soft" because officials will extend the date if they get additional bids within 24 hours of the deadline.

So far, only one official bid has been made, but Stratford Mayor Jim Miron believes that will change. "I have spoken to half a dozen serious, interested, registered developers who indicated they will be bidding on this property," Miron says. "So we fully expect all of those people ? and probably some who haven't shared their strategy with me ? will be bidding for this."

The property is located on the corner of South Main Street and Access Road. It once served as an Army engine plant.