FAIRFIELD - A Fairfield man says he's being wrongfully charged after a disturbance at his home forced police to temporarily shut down part of Black Rock Turnpike.

Bill Hanford, 77, was arrested by police Wednesday. Police say Hanford shot and killed a woodchuck with a rifle, then threatened his tenant's cat and made statements that he may be suicidal.

Hanford appeared in court today. Hanford claims he killed the woodchuck to protect his garden and says that he is being wrongfully accused because of problems with his tenants. Hanford and the tenants in his home say they have had problems in recent months and police have been called to the home before.

Hanford also says he never had any intention of killing his neighbor's cat and never told police he was suicidal.

Hanford says he believes the tenant called police because he is in the process of evicting them. Meanwhile, the tenants say they are moving out of the home because they don't feel safe and there have been many problems.

Hanford faces a list of charges. News 12 is told that he's due back in court next month.