HARTFORD - Lawmakers met in Hartford today to discuss several proposals to reinstate tolls on Connecticut highways.

The plan, conceived by the General Assembly's Transportation Committee, would use toll money to pay for upgrades, like widening busy roadways in order to ease congestion.

Many drivers who spoke to News 12 say that they don't understand where all of the toll money would go. Some also say that they pay enough in taxes and the tolls are going to drive people out of the area.

Business Council of Fairfield County Vice President Joe McGee says that the state needs $6 billion in unavoidable upgrades to roads, rails and bridges within the next 20 years.

McGee also says that the upgrades would pay for construction to ease congestion, which adds costs to frequent drives in gas and time. However, those who oppose the plan point out that Connecticut drivers already pay the highest gas tax in the nation.

Lawmakers are considering five proposals, one of which includes offsetting the state's gas tax.