STAMFORD - News 12 Connecticut reported on Friday that a 77-year-old woman was found dead of natural causes inside her Haywood Heights condo, along with two dozen birds. Many are now trying to adopt those birds, but without success.

The birds are being kept at Parrots and Company, and shop owner Laurie Fierst says she’s being inundated with phone calls from people inquiring about adoption.

“These birds are not up for adoption," says Fierst.

Most of the lovebirds and parakeets are actually owned by Fierst. The woman was helping her breed them.

"We’re going to set them up for breeding and keep using them for the purpose that she had them for,” says Fierst.

If the woman's family doesn't want the 10 birds she owned, they will stay in the pet shop’s indoor jungle.

Police haven't released the woman’s name yet, but Fierst says she will be missed. 

She had been coming to the store for over a decade.