BRIDGEPORT - Residents who live in Bridgeport's Black Rock neighborhood protested at a city council meeting Tuesday evening to voice their concerns about an increase in property taxes.

The residents say they hope city officials will listen to their voices, calling the rate hike unfair.

City officials say many homeowners saw their property values decrease as a result of last year's revaluation. However, they say that wasn't the case for Black Rock homeowners, whose property values remained the same.

As a result, officials say they pay more in taxes.

"It's getting to the point where some of us really, really have to make a decision if we can afford to stay here. And that's a very heart-wrenching decision for a lot of people," says Bridgeport resident Donna Curran.

City officials say they understand the concerns of the residents and hope to have more commercial development in the city, as well as additional sources of revenue to decrease the burden on residential taxpayers.