NORWALK - A southwestern Connecticut man says he was able to open a café inside Stamford Superior Court with the aid of a governmental act.

Jack Shaffer started his own business after he received help from the Randolph Sheppard Act, which gives blind citizens priority for operating vending facilities on any federal property. Shaffer went completely blind when he was 24 years old.

Despite many people telling him he couldn't start his own business because of his disability, Shaffer opened the Law and Order Café inside Stamford Superior Court and now works there every day.

"I just refused to be the stereotype," Shaffer says.

Sherae Kingwood, a longtime friend and co-worker of Shaffer's, occasionally helps him when customers hand him money or make a specific request. But, according to Kingwood, Shaffer is incredibly successful on his own.

"He does more than what a man who can see does," Kingwood says.

Shaffer says he named the café after his favorite TV show.