CONNECTICUT - State Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling for a grand jury investigation into rising gas prices and possible wrongdoing by industry speculators today.

The former Connecticut attorney general commended President Obama's formation of a task force on the issue, but said he feels that even stronger measures are needed.

Blumenthal says the current task force will only be monitoring the situation. He wants the Justice Department to take the lead and dig into potential fraud and manipulation.

Blumenthal says, "We need to have an investigation by the Department of Justice that determines whether there has been illegal activity, [and] hold accountable the speculators who drive those prices up, and make sure we can afford the prices at the pump."

He continues that industry analysts blame the high gas prices on global demand, a weak dollar and turmoil in the Middle East. However, he wants to find out what role, if any, is played by illegal activities.