BRIDGEPORT - Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Mayor Joe Ganim held a news conference in Bridgeport Sunday to address the deadly shooting in Orlando, Florida.

City officials say the Bridgeport police department is on a heightened alert due to the attack.

Blumenthal and Ganim said they were horrified to see one gunshot victim after another being carried away from the scene of the crime.

"People have got to recognize we need to do more to stop gun violence," Ganim said. "We're doing everything we can on a  local level, but it has to be a state and federal partnership."

Blumenthal said that partnership is only as good as the ability of Congress to keep guns out of the hands of would-be criminals.

"What needs to come from this tragedy is not just grief but action, and Congress needs to end its complicity," he said. "We cannot stand idly while these kinds of tragedies shake our nation, and the time for action is now."

Every other member of the Connecticut delegation joined Blumenthal in saying Congress must take immediate steps to ban high-capacity magazines like the ones used in Orlando's mass killing.    

Officials said that with President Barack Obama calling the attack an act of terror, police will be taking every precaution to ensure residents in Connecticut remain safe.