WILTON - ? A Wilton couple witnessed a bobcat wondering through their property over the weekend, and they were happy to have the visitor.

Daniel and Sibylle Kinley have video footage of the cat and say it?s a privilege to see such an animal, which they say is much less common than a coyote.

The Silvermine River runs through the Kinley?s property, and it contains an area of wetlands, which the couple believes is an ideal setting for the cat they say looked well-fed, as their property is rich in rabbits, groundhogs and muskrats.

Other neighbors are less happy about the big cat on the prowl. Lois Higgins says last week, something dragged away one of her trash cans, which was not only full, but heavy. She says the last time she saw a bobcat outside her house was eight years ago. Now, she?s afraid to even go to her mailbox.

Wildlife biologist Paul Rego says a person encountering a bobcat should make a lot of noise, which should encourage it to retreat. He also says bobcats rarely carry rabies.