NORWALK - A body language expert analyzed the body language of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal and Republican opponent Linda McMahon during their debate on News 12 Connecticut today and praised both candidates.

Dr. David Gudelunas, an associate professor at Fairfield University, says just seconds into the debate he noticed McMahon's lack of eye contact with both her opponent and the audience.  Gudelunas says that can be a sign of boredom or nervousness, but that she also appeared to be conveying a tone of confidence.

According to Gudelunas, Blumenthal?s laughter after being slammed about tax hikes and the economy was actually a good thing. He says it is a natural reaction to a jab and will help him connect with the audience.

In the end, Gudelunas says he thought both candidates were polished and well-prepared. 

Blumenthal, McMahon face off in Norwalk VIDEO: Connecticut Senate Debate