FAIRFIELD - Four suspected thieves were arrested Friday following a failed robbery in Fairfield. The four suspects are believed to be responsible for dozens of robberies along Connecticut's coast.

According to police, the alleged burglars tried breaking into a home on Sawyer Road in Fairfield Friday night, but fled when the homeowner caught them. They were then pulled over at a rest stop on I-95. When police searched their Dodge Charger, they found jewelry, a gun believed to have been stolen from a Danbury home, a two-way radio and utility gloves.

The suspects are from the New York and New Jersey area, and police say they had been using rental cars from New York to hide their tracks.

Investigators are trying to determine whether they are responsible for two house burglaries that happened on Friday in Darien. They say two of the suspects also match descriptions provided by elderly victims who were robbed when a couple posing as contractors broke into their homes.