GREENWICH - The owner of a Greenwich bridal shop said Thursday that he is trying to make things right after he abruptly shut down his business.

Cory Fontana's family business, Fontana Bridal Shop in Greenwich, shut down one week ago with no advance notice.

Fontana says the reason his business went under so quickly was because his wife came down with an illness that put her in a coma.

Fontana says he is committed to getting every bride and bridesmaid their dresses. He says that he is delivering more than 100 wedding dresses out of his own car.

Howard Schwartz, of the Better Business Bureau, says that in most cases, customers who paid for their dresses by credit card can get reimbursed.

"It won't happen quickly, and the caveat is, you have to file your claim within 60 days," Schwartz says.

Some customers who already paid Fontana for their dresses are having to pay again because Fontana never paid the dressmaker, but he believes most customers can recoup their money.

"My biggest goal is to fulfill every order," Fontana says. "We didn't close the door and run away."