BRIDGEPORT - A popular longtime after-school program in Bridgeport could be cut this fall at three schools.

The Barnum School is one of three Bridgeport schools at risk of losing the after-school Lighthouse program. The program provides sports, after-school activities and tutoring.

Those who run the program say it's a crucial step to keeping kids safe and keeping them engaged in school. It serves more than 2,000 students, and some 300 of them are affected by the possible move.

"We're not talking about a few children here," Lighthouse Program Director Tammy Papa says. "We're talking about 250 children that may not have access to a program now."

She says she hopes to at least buy more time so she can apply for extra grant money. If she doesn't get it, the Lighthouse program may stay at these schools but make kids pay five times more than they do now.

The Bridgeport Board of Education will vote later this month on whether to cut funding for the Lighthouse program at the three schools.