BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport mother is asking for help after her 11-year-old son's therapy dog was stolen.

Haydee Peralta says her autistic son's dog, an 8-pound Yorkie named Aimie, snuck out of her sister's house on Noble Avenue on Feb. 26. Peralta says a surveillance camera outside a market below her sister's house captured two women in a dark-colored Nissan Maxima snatching Aimie.

She says that video has since been recorded over at the market. The last month has been tough on her son Noah, and his family hopes someone can help.

Peralta tells News 12 that the dog has been a calming force in Noah's life over the last four years and helps him communicate. Peralta says Bridgeport police and animal control have been contacted about the theft.

She says the dog was wearing her collar and tags at the time she disappeared.