BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport school board member said today the city's largest school should not have opened to students this week due to what she calls "a major security breach."

School board member Maria Pereira tells News 12 Connecticut that she was able to get into the Central High School building multiple times without being stopped or asked to identify herself. 

Pereira says eight doors at the front entrance of the school have been removed as part of a construction project, and she says it was through that entrance that she was able to get into the school on multiple occasions.

Pereira says that if she could make it inside, a person with malicious intentions could potentially do the same. Therefore, Pereira says this campus is not safe. 

However, News 12 Connecticut also spoke with Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz, who says her security experts say there is no security breach, and who noted that Pereira is not a security expert.

Rabinowitz says the front doors were removed as part of a major security upgrade that will make the school safer than ever. Rabinowitz says the project will take six weeks to complete, and in the meantime, access through that point will be strictly controlled. 

But Pereira says no matter what, she should never have been able to get through the doorway and into classrooms without being stopped.

Rabinowitz says the entrance in question is a construction zone and students will not have access to it until the security upgrades are complete.