BRIDGEPORT - The Bridgeport Board of Education chairman canceled Monday night's scheduled meeting as a form of protest over the behavior of one of its members.

The meeting's cancellation did not stop board member Maria Pereira and her supporters on the board from showing up at Geraldine W. Johnson School. Enraged parents also showed up, with some of them crying and screaming at the way the board is conducting itself. They say the board's dysfunctional relationship is ultimately hurting students.

A lawsuit filed Monday by Pereira says Ganim illegally replaced former board chairman Dave Hennessey.

Current board chair Dennis Bradley showed up as residents were gathering to try and ease tensions.

Bradley announced Monday that four members are calling for Pereira's resignation. The chairman claims Pereira is a distraction to the board, saying she fills the meeting agendas with topics for her own political motives. They also argue that her filibusters are diverting the team from more pressing topics affecting the schools.

He says they welcome dialogue, but she is bullying members at meetings and emails calling members "buffoons and idiots."

Pereira and her supporters say the cancellation is a political move by other board members and that it is Pereira who is being attacked. Her supporters are instead calling for Bradley to resign.

Pereira adds that she will not resign.

The Board of Education says it will be available for day-to-day matters, but will not have regular meetings for the time being.