BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man said today that if he wins the welterweight title in the New England Boxing Championship this weekend, he will dedicate the title to his brother, who was shot to death in Norwalk in 2006.

Shakha Moore will compete at Mohegan Sun tomorrow night.

Moore says after his brother was killed, he had a hard time finding the inspiration to get back into the ring. He says he eventually he realized that his brother would want him to push forward and to win competitions.

Moore says if he wins the New England title, he will use the fame that comes with it to remind the public there is still a $50,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of his brother's killer. He’ll also add the $10,000 prize money to the reward.

Moore says he has been boxing since he was 11 years old and turned professional while he was still a teenager.  His brother, Laray Moore, was shot to death while sitting in a car in front of Roodner Court in Norwalk 10 years ago.

Moore says Laray is looking down on him and pushing him to become the best boxer he can be, in spite of the grief he still feels on a daily basis.  

The Norwalk Police Department is asking anybody who can help them solve the cold case to contact them.