BRIDGEPORT - Employees of a Bridgeport boxing gym say their facility was broken into and ransacked twice this past week.

Sax Medina, owner of Ortiz Boxing, says the first break-in occurred Thursday. After replacing what was taken, he says the thieves hit again Friday, breaking a wall and flinging equipment around in the process.

Medina says that while there is not yet a total of their loses, some of the stolen items include fans, a flat-screen TV and money. He says the building sustained significant damage, and is now looking to the community for help as he tries to rebuild.

Other tenants in the building have also been robbed, according to the owner. There are security cameras in the hallways, and he says he hopes they got a clear shot of the thieves.

Medina and a group of friends started Ortiz Boxing seven years ago as a way to get kids off the street, away from crime.