BRIDGEPORT - A video about ending violence has gone viral after the recent string of shootings at Trumbull Gardens.

Sa-mahj Bell, 11, videotaped a message he wrote and posted it on Facebook. The video got more than 7,000 views within 24 hours. 

Bell said he made the video in response to young people like him getting critically hurt or killed. "Please stop the violence, I have dreams and positive thoughts that I want to see brought to life," he says in it.

Democratic mayoral candidate Joe Ganim was going door-to-door with city Councilwoman Mary McBride, and said he heard about Bell's video along the way.

"When young people speak out, people listen, and that's what this is, so maybe we need to get more young people to talk about," Ganim said. "They want Trumbull Gardens to be safe, and that's what we hear when we're knocking on doors."

Bell's mom said whether the violence continues or stops, her son has had his say and she hopes it will make a difference.