BRIDGEPORT - A 13-month-old boy is recovering from severe burns following a freak accident in the child's home, according to police.

The boy was badly burned in around 1:30 p.m. on Friday after a container of Chef Boyardee ravioli spilled on top of him in his family’s kitchen.

Police say the boy's mother heated up the ravioli in a microwave and left it sitting on the counter. Investigators say the child walked up and reached for the ravioli can when it spilled onto his face.

Police say the boy was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital where he was treated for severe burns to his face.

Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez is now warning the public to use extreme care when preparing food for young children.

"I know that we all like to multitask, but when it comes to feeding your children hot items, be careful," Perez says. 

The child's mother told News 12 that she did not want to comment for the story.

Police say she is not facing charges but the case is still under investigation.