BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport business owner has started a fundraising campaign to help Bridgeport Animal Control complete its expansion.The plans are to create three outdoor play areas for the dogs.  

Chief Animal Control Officer Jennifer Wallace says plans to add three outdoor play areas have been approved, but the problem is money.

Wallace says the foundation for the play areas is there, but it will cost $40,000 to make them safe and functional. That will include adding concrete floors, hooking up a drainage system, and repairing the fences. The shelter itself can't start a GoFundMe campaign because the city owns the shelter so local business owner Jennifer Lynne, who is also an animal lover, has stepped up and started one.

Right now, the shelter just has small dog runs big enough for a single dog but they want to put in three outdoor play areas for the dogs.

Lynne says once complete, the play areas will improve the animals' time there until they find homes.

Lynne and Wallace say Antinozzi Architects, in downtown Bridgeport, donated their services and drew up the plans that were approved.