BRIDGEPORT - Hoodie-wearing Bridgeport residents descended on Mount Aery Baptist Church today in memory of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen who was shot dead in a controversial shooting that has captured the nation's attention.

The people who packed Mount Aery Baptist Church say Martin's death hits close to home.

"Justice, that's what I look for," says Darryl Cooper, of Bridgeport.

The pastor described Martin as "armed" with a bag of Skittles, an iced tea and a hoodie - which many have speculated was a motivating factor in the shooting.

Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was slain in the town of Sanford on Feb. 26. Neighborhood crime-watch captain George Zimmerman, whose father is white and mother is Hispanic, claimed self-defense and has not been arrested, though state and federal authorities are still investigating.