BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man is calling on city officials to hire more animal control officers.

Joe Furino says he discovered the shortage after his poodle was recently attacked by a pit bull. He claims he was told there was no animal control officer on duty who could respond.

The incident happened last week at the corner of Prescott Street and Harbor Avenue in Black Rock. Furino was walking his poodle Elvis when the pit bull, who lives in a house down the street, escaped through a broken fence and attacked the animal.

City Councilman Enrique Torres says he has witnessed that same pit bull acting aggressively in the past, and he may consider supporting the call by Furino to beef up the animal control staff.

Bridgeport police say there is an animal control officer on call around the clock and that they do the best with the resources they have. Furino says there will be a community meeting on May 7 to talk about dog safety in Black Rock.