BRIDGEPORT - The city of Bridgeport is getting serious about collecting $45 million in car back taxes from its residents.

The city is using the VioAlert System to scan license plates to find drivers who owe more than $150 in back taxes. Officials then put boots on the cars, which can only be removed when the city notifies the driver the taxes have been paid.

?We can't resolve their situation at that time because once the alarm goes off and it's booted, it's a city boot,? Karl Faerber, from ViolAlert Systems, says. ?Once we get notified to remove it, we'll get out there as quickly as we can.?

Last week, the city mailed notices to anyone with delinquencies. VioAlert says many of the people booted already paid what was owed. Those who get the boot also have to pay a $95 fee to VioAlert.