BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport family whose home was destroyed by fire last week spoke publicly for the first time Thursday about their harrowing ordeal.

Officials say the flames ravaged three multifamily apartment buildings near the corner of Brooks and Putnam streets, leaving more than 25 people homeless. Investigators say the fire destroyed one of the buildings and left the others severely damaged.

Emilia Hernandez, 68, says she lost all of her belongings and has no insurance to replace them. She is staying with her daughter, who lives nearby, but says it won't be easy to find a new residence for her herself and five relatives.

Hernandez says she is thankful no one was killed, but adds that the stress of being forced from home will take time to fathom.

A fundraiser is planned for Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Raider's Motorcycle Club in Bridgeport to help the families affected by the fire.