BRIDGEPORT - A family in Bridgeport says their central air conditioning unit has broken and will not be able to be fixed until August 15.

The family says they are outraged by the poor customer service they are receiving, and 82-year-old Joan Vitucci says the days have become hot and unbearable.

Vitucci says the central air unit went out on Wednesday night and when she called Sears, her warranty provider, she was told she would have to wait in line to get the air conditioner fixed.

Her son-in-law, Jose, says he checked the unit and thinks it is out of freon, but the service agreement prohibits anyone other than a Sears technician from performing any maintenance.

The family says they're doing their best to keep cool while they wait for Sears to come, but Vitucci says the company is not living up to its reputation.

Sears says the family will have to wait until August 15 unless someone scheduled before them decides to cancel.