BRIDGEPORT - City leaders are vowing to help a single mother of four in Bridgeport who lost her home and all of her belongings during a fire earlier this week.

A fire broke out on Thursday morning at a six-family home on Pembroke Street.

Tiffany Greene says that everything she owned was either destroyed in the fire or damaged beyond recognition.

“It makes me feel really bad because it's my job to give these kids everything and it was just taken away from them in 10 minutes,” Greene told News 12.

The Red Cross has been providing shelter for them, but that aid is set to expire on Monday.

Mayor Bill Finch says he is trying to help the family.

“We're going to keep helping you until we find you a place, because we're not going to leave you stranded,” Finch told Greene earlier today.

Officials say the state fire marshal will not release the cause of that fire for at least two weeks. There were no injuries.