BRIDGEPORT - A farmer in Bridgeport who has been ordered to dismantle his operation is threatening to slaughter his animals.

As News 12 has reported, Mayor Bill Finch gave farmer Christopher Toole and his family permission to use a Bridgeport property on Evergreen Street for the farm to raise chickens.

However, the Department of Agriculture says it found other animals that were either hurt or poorly fed.

Toole says police have given him 30 days to relocate all of the animals except six of his chickens.

Toole tells News 12 he doesn't want to kill his animals, but he also wants to leave the property on his own terms.

Toole says he would prefer to move his farm and avoid being forced to slaughter his farm animals.
“These animals have an economic value,” Toole told News 12. “In a worst case scenario, we eat them. In a best case scenario, we find a place where we can partner up and keep them.”
The Department of Agriculture has not returned a call to comment on Toole’s statements.