NORWALK - A Bridgeport man is charged with the death of his infant son, who police say was found unresponsive with alcohol in his system.

Officers say they got a 911 call in May 2014 from an apartment on Ely Avenue reporting that a 5-month-old baby named Jacob had stopped breathing.

They say first responders quickly arrived and took the baby to Norwalk Hospital, where he could not be revived.

Police arrested Jorge Chicalana, 22, at the Honeyspot Motor Inn in Stratford on Monday. Investigators say Chicalana mixed enough alcohol for a 50-proof drink into Jacob's formula. The baby's mother claims that she then unknowingly fed it to the child.

Police initially thought Jacob died of paint fumes since his parents were painting a toy cart. They say the boy's mother later told detectives that she thought Chicalana added alcohol to a bottle to help with teething.

Chicalana's lawyer says he has a history of mental issues and drug abuse.

Arrest documents show that the Department of Children and Families investigated how the couple's other child ingested incense a week before Jacob's death.

Chicalana is charged with the second-degree manslaughter and risk of injury to a minor.

Police say they haven't ruled out charging the mother as well.