BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport family is asking for the public’s help after a fire left them homeless.

The fire occurred Friday on Hanover Street. The family that lived in the building got out unharmed, but their home could not be saved.

Angelica Velasquez and the 11 other members of her family have been forced to stay in two small motel rooms in Bridgeport since last Friday.

Velasquez says her family came to Bridgeport one year ago from Puerto Rico to build a new life, but their plans got derailed by the fire that destroyed their home. She says they will be out on the street Monday when her money from the Red Cross runs out.

Wanda Elias says she learned about the fire on News 12 Connecticut, then heard from a friend about the plight of Velasquez and her family. Elias says she started a fund to help them get into a new apartment.

Velasquez and her family are grateful for the help , but remain uncertain about the future.

Councilman Jack Banta says he will hold a charity event Tuesday for those affected by the fire.