BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man who police say is one of the region's most-wanted criminals has turned himself in after being on the lam for the past six months.

Anthony Pooser, 31, contacted News 12 last week claiming he was tired of being a fugitive and wanted to turn himself in to authorities.

Pooser did time for crashing his SUV head-on into a police cruiser while eluding authorities in 2008, leaving the officer who was driving that cruiser with several broken bones. He served seven years in prison for that crime, and then violated his probation in August and went into hiding.

Pooser hugged relatives before turning himself in Wednesday morning. He issued a public apology to police and everyone he says he harmed or put in danger.

Police say they appreciate Pooser's apology and hope he has a chance to turn his life around once he has paid his debt to society.