BRIDGEPORT - As the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, grows, one Bridgeport group is preparing to make another trip to deliver clean water to the city.

The group sent a truckload of bottled water on a 15-hour drive, each way, from southwestern Connecticut to Flint.

It left last Friday night and drove through the snowstorm to get there. Flint is facing a water crisis after extraordinarily dangerous levels of lead appeared in the city's water supply. Hundreds of people have now gotten sick. 

Ricardo Murillo and Amir Khan collected 70 cases of bottled water in just over a day. The donations came from across the region.

At the Barber Club in Bridgeport, customers are bringing donations of water when they come in for haircuts.

The group says it is seeking more donations and planning another trip to Flint in a few weeks. Organizers say they want to bring multiple truckloads of water on the next trip.