BRIDGEPORT - The year is only half over, and the number of homicides in Bridgeport is close to the total number the city saw in 2007.

Robert Pettway, 23, was shot and killed Saturday, marking Bridgeport?s 11th homicide this year. The shooting was also the third to occur in one week. He was gunned down while sitting in his car outside his home, police say. Pettway?s wife drove him to the hospital where he later died of multiple gun shot wounds.

Lt. James Viadero, of the Bridgeport Police Detective Bureau, says the increase in homicides could be due to the weather the town has been seeing. According to Viadero, homicides are likely to occur in warmer weather. Viadero also says that none of the 11 homicides in 2008 are related.

Police say they are making progress with witnesses. However, they are asking for cooperation from witnesses who saw Saturday morning?s shooting ? and other shootings that have occurred.

Mayor Bill Finch is also pleading for cooperation between residents and police in the search for the gunman. Finch says those with information should not be afraid.

Police say six of this year's 11 homicides are still unsolved. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Bridgeport Police Department.

Bridgeport Police Department: (203)581-5201