BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man, down on his luck and in need of food after pipes burst in his home, found help thanks to a woman at a real estate agency. 

Katrina Stoogenke met Paul Oh Tuesday in Fairfield when he walked in at her job and said he would work for food to feed his daughters. 

She decided to put a plea on Facebook to see if friends could help donate food. Within hours, Stoogenke and her daughter collected boxes of food and delivered them to Oh. 

The father of two, who also takes care of his step-father, now has a refrigerator, pantry and freezer full of food.

Oh says he is currently on disability and after the pipes burst and his house was flooded, he went to food banks and restaurants in search of food.

He says he never wanted a handout, and he offered to work for food. He hopes to find a ful-ltime job.